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Billing FAQ

If you have a question about your Water or Sewer bill, we recommend you check the Billing FAQ's below. If you still need help, please email us.

If the issue is urgent or, you feel you need to discuss it with one of our representatives, the Billing Department can be reached at the following numbers: Voice 301-737-7400 Ext 202 FAX: 301-737-7459

If you prefer to meet with us in person concerning the issue, please bring your bill and any other documentation you may have to our offices during normal business hours (7:30 AM to 4:30 PM, Mon - Fri).

Q. When are payments due?

A. Payment is due upon receipt of the bill. A late charge will be applied to all outstanding balances not paid by the last business day of the month.

Q. I am purchasing a new home, how do I establish new service?

A. When setting up a new account, we only require the closing disclosure after the property has gone to settlement faxed or brought to our office. Your liability for the account initiates per the settlement date. If you are selling your property, the closing disclosure is required also. You are no longer liable for the account per the settlement date. The purchaser should supply MetCom with a billing address, telephone number and e-mail address.

Q. I am renting a property, how do I establish service?

A. We require a Change In Billing Form completed by the owner before setting up the account. This form can be accessed via the forms link on the website. Upon completion of the form please fax to 301-737-7459, email to billing@metcom.org, or mail back to MetCom. This change will be effective on the latter of the date of the request or the first day of the month following the date on which proper notice is received by MetCom.

Q. When are my meters read?

A. Meters are read monthly.  All water usage will be billed based on the tiers for the meter size.  For customers with both water and sewer service, sewer usage will be billed based on water usage.

Q. My service has been interrupted for non-payment, when full payment is made when will service be restored?

A. If water service has been terminated, it will not be resumed unless a $50.00 turn-off/turn-on charge plus full account balance is paid. If paid before 3 PM, service can be restored the same day. If paid after 3 PM, service can be restored within 24 hours. If paid after 3 PM and an additional $50.00 charge is paid to recover overtime costs, service will be restored the same day.

Q. What is the System Improvement Charge?

A. System Improvement Charges are designed to cover debt service for the upgrade and replacement of existing systems and for capacity expansion to be used by current customers. Each class of customers will be paying the same System Improvement Charge per equivalent dwelling unit (EDU). All properties that abut a public water line and have been allocated capacity will pay the water System Improvement Charge. All properties that abut a public sewer line and have been allocated capacity will pay the sewer System.

Q. What do I do before my water service is restored?

A.  It is vital that all fixtures are turned to the off position prior to the technician restoring water service.  Failure to do so may cause considerable delay in the restoration of water service.