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Hydrant Locator

Hydrant NumberGeneral LocationSpecific LocationManufacturerModelsort descendingYearAudit dateFlow (PSI)Flow (GPM)ResidualStatic Pressure
2286Cedar Cove AreaPine Hill Run Rd., Sewage Plant, Metcom Bldg. #7DRESSER198304/05/2015309204050
2288Cedar Cove AreaPine Hill Run Rd., Sewage Plant, 2nd on left @ Main Brick Bldg. #6DRESSER198304/05/2015258404050
2145Hilton Run ApartmentsBldg. #4AMERICAN DAR198602/11/20154511264957
156Rolling AcresCochise Court, by house #30085M&H129 T197911/05/2015248232954
2525Piney PointLeahy Road, next to stop signM&H129 T197007/05/2015166721944
155Rolling AcresHiawatha Circle and Cochise CourtM&H129 T198011/05/2015227872852
1799Lexington ParkMillison Plaza, by Rite Aid PharmacyM&H129 T196722/09/20150000
697Route 235, Hollywood AreaRt. 235 NB, @ Oak Crest Dr.AVR27-80200121/05/20154210884852
1298Route 235, South of HollyRoute 235 NB, #22888 Keystone Professional CenterAVR27-80200101/09/2015288883445
1827Lexington ParkGreat Mills Rd., Quik Shop, left frontAVR27-80200122/09/20154010624851
704Route 235, Hollywood AreaRt. 235 NB, 1st north of Oak Crest Dr.AVR27-80200121/05/20154010624346
893Wildewood Residential23151 Sassafras Dr. & Southwood Ln.AVR27-80200128/05/2015349793742
706Route 235, Hollywood AreaRt. 235, Front of Sleep InnAVR27-80200121/05/20154010624550
705Route 235, Hollywood AreaRt. 235 NB, 4th north of Rt. 4 @ Lenny's RestaurantAVR27-80200121/05/20154010624550
1628Esperanza FarmsMillstone Landing Road, center front Green Holly SchoolDRESSER300196815/09/2015227873847
1629Esperanza Farms22888 Kimberly Court and Millstone Landing RoadAMERICAN DARB-62-B198715/09/2015187122046
1630Esperanza FarmsKimberly Court, by house #22906AMERICAN DARB-62-B198815/09/2015187122047
1633Esperanza FarmsKimberly Court, by house #23040AMERICAN DARB-62-B198615/09/2015238052757
1631Esperanza FarmsKimberly Court, by house #22956AMERICAN DARB-62-B198815/09/2015227872153
1632Esperanza FarmsKimberly Court, by house #22990AMERICAN DARB-62-B198615/09/2015258403061