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Hydrant Locator

Hydrant Numbersort descendingGeneral LocationSpecific LocationManufacturerModelYearAudit dateFlow (PSI)Flow (GPM)ResidualStatic Pressure
41Route 5 NorthRoute 5 NB, 7th north of Route 6KENNEDYK-81-A199408/05/20150000
42Charlotte HallRoute 5 NB, 8th NB, North of Route 6, across from Charlotte Hall School Rd.KENNEDYK-81-A199408/05/20154511264165
43Charlotte HallRoute 5 NB, 9th NB, North of Route 6KENNEDYK-81-A199408/05/2015349793758
44Charlotte HallRoute 5 NB, 10th NB, North of Route 6, @ break in guard railKENNEDYK-81-A199408/05/2015309204467
45Charlotte HallRoute 5 NB, 11th NB, North of Route 6KENNEDYK-81-A199408/05/20153710213455
46Charlotte HallRoute 5 NB, 12th NB, across from 29665KENNEDYK-81-A199608/05/2015329503450
47Charlotte HallRoute 5 NB, 3rd south of 29692, 13th NB of Route 6KENNEDYK-81-D199908/05/2015309203351
48Charlotte HallRoute 5 NB, 2nd south of 29692KENNEDYK-81-A199408/05/2015309204564
49Charlotte HallRoute 5 NB, South of 29692KENNEDYK-81-A199408/05/20154010624265
50Charlotte HallRoute 5 NB, 29692KENNEDYK-81-A199408/05/20153710213448
51Charlotte HallRoute 5 NB, 29770KENNEDYK-81-D200608/05/2015309204565
52Charlotte HallCarpenter Drive, 1st on leftU.S. PIPEMETRO M-94200108/05/2015309203448
53Charlotte HallCarpenter Ln., 2nd on leftU.S. PIPEMETRO M-94200008/05/2015309203442
54Charlotte HallCarpenter Ln., 1st on rightU.S. PIPEMETRO M-94200108/05/2015268562841
55Charlotte HallCarpenter Ln., 2nd on rightKENNEDYK-81-D201008/05/2015268562854
56Charlotte HallCarpenter Ln., 3rd on rightKENNEDYK-81-D201008/05/2015288883050
57Charlotte HallCarpenter Ln., end of street in JunkyardKENNEDYK-81-D201008/05/2015288883048
58Charlotte HallSouth of 29838 Route 5 NB , North of CarpenterKENNEDYK-81-A199408/05/20154010623750
59Charlotte HallRoute 5 NB, 29828KENNEDYK-81-A199408/05/2015309202740
60Charlotte HallRoute 5 NB, @ Farmers Market and Auction Bldg. BKENNEDYK-81-A199208/05/20154010624255