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Service Charges for Water and Sewer

Current service charges will be posted here. These are normal charges. Your actual charges may vary depending on your individual situation. You can also find proposed changes in our pricing structure here as well as requests for customer feedback. Click HERE to Email MetCom using your own Email client.

In effect & current as of July 1, 2014

Sewer Service Charges

Residential: Non-metered Rate $35.83 / month per EDU
Commercial: Metered Rate (equivalent to 90% of metered water usage) $30.56 / month per EDU
Overage Rate: (per 1,000 gals in excess of 16,200 gal/qtr) $5.66
Grinder Pump Removal: Non-Payment or at customer's request $125.00 / After Hours: $225.00 *

Water Service Charges

Minimum: up to 18,000 gallons per quarter $18.42 / month
Overage Rate: (per 1,000 gallons in excess of 18,000) $3.07
Non-metered Rate $23.03 / month per EDU
Turn Off/On Charge: Non-payment or at customer's request $50.00  / After Hours: $100.00 *
Additional Trip or Recall $25.00
Non-Payment administration fee $25.00

* After Hours: 3:01 pm to 7:59 am & weekends / holidays

System Improvement Charges For Water & Sewer

System Improvement Charges are designed to cover debt service for the upgrade and replacement of existing systems and for capacity expansion to be used by current customers. Each class of customers will be paying the same System Improvement Charge per equivalent dwelling unit (EDU). All properties that abut a public water line or sewer line and have been allocated capacity are required to pay this charge. It replaces the old Benefit Assessment charges.

Residential $8.81 / month per EDU
Commercial $10.57 / month per EDU
Residential $14.46 / month per EDU
Commercial $17.35 / month per EDU